My vision and intent: I am interested in expanding Black Queer narratives and visions of futurity in the context of a “Persistence of Blackness”: self-determining constructions of freedom, ritual, and resistance  in a constant state of reminagining queer realities.

Conceptual and documentary photo essays: 

Spirit Desire is a series of photographic essays that explore African Diasporic spiritual practices and those in-between spaces, above and below, visible and invisible that constitute the many worlds that exist in harmony.

Spirit Desire: – Resistance, Imagination and Sacred Memories in Haitian Vodoun” [Memwa sakre: – lespri ki nan nou menm. Sacred memories: -The spirits within us ] is the first in the series and is a celebration of Haitian Vodoun as a site of resistance, decolonization and community. The series which includes images of everyday living, ritual and ceremony, aims to shift the gaze from representations that depict Vodoun as negative and present a decolonizing narrative: one in which Vodouisants engage with a consciousness and spirituality that celebrates our humanity rather than focusing on a set of prescribed normative identities.

Exploring the dance, song, possession, drumming, aesthetics and ritual of Vodoun through photography allows me to express the freedom of an unbound imagination that recognizes the power of the self and the spirit within us as a multidimensional force which stretches far into the past and into the future.

In Spirit Desire: The Vernacular of Freedom, and the Politics of Rescue in Queer Futures” my collaborator, Laura Wangari, and I contemplate the centrality of spiritual practice for queer people of African heritage. We spent three weeks with each other and with friends and fellow travelers, talking, chewing, drinking, laughing, dancing, cooking, and eating our way to understanding who we were, who we are, the contradictions in these spaces and times, and our spiritual selves. We see our many spiritual practices as acts of decolonization – ‘freedom narratives’.

Queer Like Fearlessness: The Transformation of Silence into Action: through speech, words, images or performance. The photographed are those who speak truth to power, and for whom being Queer Black African Feminists is a way of life and a way of resistence.



Published work and Bio

All my work is self-funded so if you enjoy my work and believe my endeavor to create and share has value, then please consider supporting me.  Thank You

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