1. Nzube

    Went through your work. Curious as to why yo ended Black Looks. Only just discovered it today. Love this new site though. Well done, more grace to you.

    • sokari

      Hi Thanks for the compliment on both Black Looks and the photography. For 8 years Black Looks was an extension of me, central to my life and so much work came my way because of the blog. When I started in 2004 hardly any Africans were blogging and there were only a handful of women which meant I had to go through a steep learning curve to be able to write about so many different issues and countries. I did manage to have a few guest writers over the years but by 2012 the number of bloggers on Africa had increased and it was getting increasingly difficult to maintain the blog on my own. I did try to get a few committed people to contribute but it never worked out. Then I tried the Queer African Network focusing on Queer Africa but again without support it became too difficult. By June this year I was burnt out after nearly 18 months working in Haiti with little funds so when I returned from Haiti in August I braced myself, shut my eyes, said thank you and moved on. I also wanted to focus my energies solely on photography and visual arts generally. Originally I used Tumblr for the photography but then decided WordPress was more ‘professional’

      Black Looks represents 10 years of my life and I look back and realize that really it’s a pretty amazing archive of my life.

      I will be back in Haiti in January so around March I should have some new work up.

  2. Estela

    I’m blown away….. Just met you, thought you were a jewel…. now I realize you’re priceless.

    Thank you for devoting yourself to what you believe in…. and are good at. It helps people like me, with little time at this stage in life, to live vicariously through you, what you’ve done, what you’re doing, and encouraging you in what’s to come.

    All best. Keep going…. the trip is worth it.


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