Moments: Joy of Freedom

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Moments:  Joy of Freedom

Photos can be downloaded or purchased on request.User Roles Security.

Streaming Anxiety

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Streaming Anxiety

“Haiti occupies a particular place in the collective African memory and imagination. For Europe / whiteness Haiti has always been a place of horror, the irony being the horror was white not black, the savagery white not black” Maybe Me, Maybe Someone Else – sometimes I write words and then years later they take on […]

Tana Delta Erosion: The Future in Real Time

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Tana Delta Erosion:  The Future in Real Time

I recently spent 26 days in Kenya traveling the coastal towns and villages  north of Mombasa with Kenyan Queer activist Layla Laura Wangari where we spent time engaging with LGBTIQGNC identified communities. Our intention was to create a textual and photographic documentary that speaks to the  ‘concept, and cultures’ of Queer Blackness as experienced by […]

Dear Upright African : January 1, 2017

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Dear Upright African : January 1, 2017

January 1, 2017. Dear Upright African, I wrote We Are All Blue partly because private school had failed my Consciousness. That type of European-School-In-Africa that insists on a chronically colonized curriculum. That brand of Eurocentric “international” school in Africa that equips the African child to be more functional in the West than in his or […]

Black Portraitures: Levitating in Blackness

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Black Portraitures:  Levitating in Blackness

In preparing these photos I wanted to think of Black[Roes], those who are engaged with levitating in and with Blackness. All  were  taken during the week of Black Portraitures III in Johannesburg last November. Some were taken at the event, others at a cafe and others at the home of  friends. I was drawn to […]

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