“In Ginen everything is possible. The principle of Ginen is a universal principle.  There are degrees and an Order, the Order of the star, which is the crossing of five roads guarded by Brav/Kalfou senkAunt Tansia in Nan Domi

The photos presented here are the first in the series, “Haitian Vodou:  A Visual Narrative”,  a celebration of  Haitian Vodou as a site of resistance, decolonization and community. It aims to shift the gaze from representations that depict Vodou as something negative and present a truthful narrative: one in which Vodouisants engage with a consciousness and a spirituality that speaks to the  living history of a people.

The series also represents the process of my entering into a spritual dialogue with myself and through Vodou, probe my interiors and probably more importantly, those exteriors which are not readily visible but are present and very real.

“We don’t believe in spirits who come to possess us. We believe in ourselves. I’m a spirit, she’s a spirit, you’re a spirit. It works according to how you live and how you communicate. Sometimes we have premonitions of things we should do. Things that should happen, for us. Those are the spirits” Sanba Zawo

Photos: Delmas 33, Port-au-Prince

Manbo Gina Baptiste holds weekly Illuminations on Saturdays which include Haitian history and Vodou study sessions as well as the Sevis.   Additional special ceremonies are held throughout the year to celebrate different Lwa and other spiritual services such as Mariaj Lwa and Lave Tet.



For more information on Haitian Vodou see suggested reading

*Taken from the work of Barbara Brown Taylor “Learning to Walk in the Dark

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