Ways of Dying is a visual and emotional narrative which speaks to the ways of mourning and celebrating Black life as it passes on to death – not the end, but the continuam of an historical performative ritual that traces back to Africa.

Miss Eva Louise Perry of Tee Eva’s famous praline pies, passed away Thursday 7th June 2018.  She is the founder of Tee-Eva’s Authentic New Orleans Pralines, which will now be managed by her granddaughter, Kiana as generations continue the Black Majik and Circle of Life.  Tee Eva was also an active representative of the baby doll Carnival tradition, and a back-up singer for Ernie K-Doe.

“I’m very proud to walk the streets with my basket. I strut when I walk the streets with my basket,” Mrs. Perry said in 1992, “because I’m part of a long tradition of black women who made a living and kept their independence selling pralines this way”. Speaking truth to power she spoke these words…. “I’ve lived the life of a sharecropper, I’ve lived in the projects, I’ve tasted the good life,” Mrs. Perry said in 1995. “Sometimes I make my living, pay my bills, sometimes not. But I keep going. I always knew I could be anything I wanted to be, but it takes more than that. You gotta want to be somebody inside.”

Tee Eva’s funeral and second line took place on June 16th 2018, at the Guiding Light Baptist church in New Orleans.

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